Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 28th May 2009

Well I have had a busy day working very hard as usual..hehehehe, if you can believe that!! I had prep'd hubby that i was going to do a scrap class tonight at my LSS. It was a great double L/O class ( and yes Tiff you would be proud, i done one!) . The wonderful Lisa makes it look soooo easy, because she is FAB!! Thanx Lis :). i will upload my pic tomorrow if its nice and sunny. Talking of which it is very cold here in the Gong...Brrrrr. Even had my huggies on in class. Very fashionable !!I was a bit sad today as i missed my kiddies education week gig and walkathon ....but mummy must work ! My BFF was there to cheer them on..god i love her! Isn't it amazing how you meet someone in your life and they are the exact opposit to you in most things yet you create a life long bond! Well thats me and my BFF Vicki, we have been friends since we were 5. And our girls started school together, her DH is my DH BFF and our kiddies ( well her 2 last ones) are about 11 weeks apart...NOT planned that way as she was finishing at 2 and an unexpected gift popped along ( that she blames me for....lovingly of course). I would do anything for my BFF, she is one of the most amazingly inspiring people that i have ever met, an honest sole i am blessed to know.
i am hoping to get some great pics up soon of some new L/Os. I am expecting a new little stash to arrive from Mystical to play with...ohhh can't wait. Will try and get ack tomorrow to give another update.

Ciao my lovelys

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday 27th May 2009

Hello to all my lovelys. The last week has been very busy. Just keepin up with kiddies and normal day to day routines. Although i did have Fri/Sat & Mon/Tues off, this gave me 5 days off so felt like a mini holiday.
Great news on the homefront today. My DH was offered a job today ...yipppeeeee!! He feels so good now, thank goodness i was starting to worry about him for awhile there. The kids have loved having him around more though, which is nice.
The month of May proves a little on the busy side for Birthdays. I haD my DS turn a big 6 this month. My Nephew turn a massive 11 and my Gorgeous MIL ..well we don't say as we are all ladies..LOL. Both boys had lovely birthday parties and My DH, my SIL and myself took the Gorgeous MIL out to lunch at a local seafood restaurant.....YUMMMO!!!! Was very nice!
On a more adult level my DH went away for the weekend leaving me to master up "What i could do" so Saturday night seen me have the girls over for 2 parties. 1st was a Tuppaware party that consisted on making cocktails. Hmmmm Margherita Fizz & Sangrias...really got the girls started for the 2nd party which had a more adult aspect ..IYKWIM. Well lets just say we had a hoot. You have never heard a room full of girls giggle constantly for 2 hours, my belly was starting to hurt. So a great week has been had all round. I am working on my Mystical stuff which i hope to have uplaoded for you all to peruse soon.
Cheers, hope you all have a good week
Sam xx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday 20th May 2009

Helloooooooooo ...finally i have worked out some of my bugs on this blog....yeah thats right i'm still struggling ..LOL. I have just completed my first Cyber Crop over at Mystical....was so much FUN!!! Those girls can really scrap!!
My DS turned 6 on Saturday...boy were has that time gone i cannot believe he has grown up so quickly. We had a Fabbo time at his pirate party @ the gym. Such a great place to have a party. Thanx to Family & Friends he got some great fantastic presents .....very spoilt little boy :) My DD is just gorgeous as always, she has a special space project that we are doing at the moment , its been really cool building a space rocket. Anyhoo must get off puter to go to work :) Hope you all have a great day. Cheers Sam
L/O for one of the BlackMagic challenges
My Mono Challenge from Mystical

DT Kit for Mystical
Dt Kit for Mystical

This L/O was for the DT @ Mystical
These are some cards that i made for the May CC @ Mystical

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday 6th May 2009

Today started like any other ..a mad dash to get kiddies organised for school..ohhh boy that can be hard some mornings. Of to work for mid morning. Work wasn't too bad today, I even got a little reading of "New Moon" done today OMG if you havn't started reading the Twilight series, you are defo missing out ...these books are FANTASTIC!!!I find it hard to put them down and get other stuff done.
I managed to get a L/O done today for the NSD challenge on Scrapbook Savvy, hoping to that one uploaded tomorrow....fingers crossed for sun.
My gorgeous little man turns 6 in just over a week and we are busy planning birthday parties. A pirate gymnastic party...hows that for a theme..LOL. Its all very exciting at that age, but i do hope we havn't left it too late for invites to go out...ooops.
My beautiful daughter has made it into the school hockey team ( something i wouldn't think she would play), which I think is Fantastic and she has to go to regional cross country... she's turning out to be an athlete that girl.
My darling hubby has fully recovered from the chop and is back into the swing of life which is good. I really DON"T like to see him in pain. But he was very brave.
Anyhoo must go have lots of stuff to plan and get done for Mystical.As a new ( learning the ropes)DT member it's all very busy, busy. I have been set a fantastic DT challenge that i must get started. It must be Monochromatic with no PP, Have feathers on it and a 3 word title - i LOVE it!

Ciao Ciao

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday 4th May 2009

Well it's been awhile since I had a chance to update. been working hard as usual.. but hey who isn't these days. My gorgeous children are back at school and into the swing of sports again. Thus meaning a very hectic lifestyle ..LOL. Hubby has had a "male" operation which my son compares to Zed the Dogs, he believes them to have had the same thing done....Very amusing, he always makes me laugh, he has such a fantastic memory and theory to everything. Well the economic hardship has hit our family with hubby loosing his job, but fingers crossed he will find another soon.
I have exciting news ( well for me anyway) I made it on the Design Team at the Mystical Scrapbooks website, can't wait to learn all I can and get to experience being on a DT. Maybe some of my ambitions can come true. My new one ATM is to try and get the time to update this blog everyday.... hehehe we can only try!!!