Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fav pics today 16/03/11

Ok it may not be soccer, but I couldnt resist ..he is just way too cute, even with dirt on his chin :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fav pics today 14/03/11

In keeping with the soccer theme this week, here is one of Little Noosh showing off his soccer skills.

Fav pics today 12/03/11

This week see the Football(soccer) season start for us...Here is my gorgeous hubby having a trial game of soccer,he is playing in goal....pretty strange to get to 36 before you play your first game ....maybe the kids have rubbed off on him :)

Fav pics today 11/03/11

Candles ...I just love them! My husband once commented on how our house didn't look like we had no power when we were experiencing an outage ...LOL Just goes to show how many we have.I love the look of the naked flame and find it to be very soothing. We will sometimes have nights were we will just turn off all the lights in order to have some candle light....Love it!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fav pics today 13/03/11

Mates ...these 2 may only be young but they have been strong mates from the day that they were born :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clean up Part 1- Beads drawer!!

Well after pulling out the beads on the weekend and seeing what a mess this cupboard was I thought I would start a little cleaning spree...make craft supplies are on the continuos growth and never the clean up mode, so I thought i would start with the drawer. i pulled everything out cleaned the drawer and then started to sort everything into containers so it would pack nicely back in ..WELL what a job !! i am exhausted but at least happy so far,just need to purchase some more containers and allwill be sorted, the cupboard above the drawer will be next...but not sure when :)
Box of seed beads
Drawer of bead stash ..3 containers deep LOL

Fav pics today 08/03/11

Does everyone remember making these pins?? I do...i thought i would pull out all my beads and get a bit creative with the kiddies. I showed them how to make these pins with the beads to give to friends..Miss Moo lost interest after about the first 4 pins but Little Noosh and I sat for about and hour making different designs, he loved making them for all the girls that love him...apparently he has a following LOL

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fav pics today 07/03/11

Fav pic today was of me and my aunty at my brothers wedding.we were sitting outside taking a breather in the cooler air. She is one of my partners in crime when it comes to the scrapbooking world and one of my best friends :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Storyboard inspired L/O

Another Storyboard Kits inspired page, the only added bits was black cardstock and a small piece of webbed ribbon ....Loving this kit !!

Fav pics today 06/03/11

The boat ... this is my Brother inlaws ski boat, the kids love when he asks them along to play in the water and he has a beautiful bond with my kiddies. He holds a very special place in the hearts.:)

Fav pics today 05/03/11

Little Noosh and his girls hang out at the pool.Little Nossh was only 1 of 3 boys invited to the birthday party...he just loves these girls :)

Storyboard Kits L/O's

Here is some of the L/Os I have created using the amazing "Isla" Kit from Storyboard Kits. I still have heaps of paper and embellishments left over, this month i am going to push and see just how much i can get out of this kit just to show you how much you can get for your money. Alot of these kits are interchangable to. I have added some black cardstock and a few alphas but that is it really....such great value for money and so easy to use :)

Storyboard Kits Crop night

Well what a week I have had, I have done many hours at work and am feeling very exhausted, but I was lucky enough to attend the Storyboard Kits crop night which happens on the first Friday of every month. The amazing and talented Lisa Warren puts the most amazing kits together which you can purchase, let me just say these kits sell out supper fast !! What do i love most about them??......EVERYTHING goes together !!! no matter if you are new or old to the scrapbooking world these kits are designed and created so that any Layout you create looks fabulous! I had the best night with these girls, they are all fun, friendly and happy to have a chat ( and a great laugh). I am looking forward to next month and can't wait to see what my next kit looks like :)

Fav pics today 04/02/11

The girls having fun on the inflatable slippery slide at the pools....they had so much fun :)

Fav pics today 03/03/11

Can't stop taking pics of my beautiful Frangipani tree...still truly amazed at how fast this tree produced flowers .......sooooooo pretty!

Fav pics today 02/03/11

This is my Gorgeous cousin at her year 10 formal, wearing a necklace I designed and made for her, it was based on her dress and just turned out beautifully this little piece of artwork :)

Fav pics today 01/03/11

This pic is from a friends wedding, the jewellery you see was made by me,love the fact it was included in one of her professional photos :)

March 2011

Scrapbooking has taken a back seat this month, with 2 weddings, # birthday parties and multi birthdays, sporting commitments and trying to build a new website to start my own little business it has been kind of hectic. I didnt seem to get as much done as I would have liked, lots of my scraping challenges went on the way side, But lets see if that can change for the month of March..this month will see alot of life style challenges start but it will be all about adjusting and balancing everything to fit in, and making sure it is all prioritised in the correct order. \
MY first page for the month of March is a colourful one that was n't created for any challenge, I just wanted to scrap the colours. :)

Fav pics today 28/02/11

Thought i would finish the LOVE month of with a pics of the double choc coated strawberries I made for Valentines Day :)

Fav pics today 27/02/11

New Hairclips and scrapbooking embellies ... just trying some new stuff :)

Fav pics today 26/02/11

Thought I would upload some old pics ...this is what my2 look like after having some fun in the mud !! LOL