Sunday, February 9, 2014

Been Awhile !!

Wow cant believe its been so long since i have visited this space...all the hussle and bussle of life really does put some things to a halt! Its been nearly 2 years ....OMG i still cant believe that. My kiddies have grown sooooo much and the paper crafting slow down ( never stopped) ALOT to fit in all the other major things happening in my world of chaos........sometimes i wonder what it would be like just to have a routine with structure and diaries and have everything ready for the next day packed the night before, AND then it happens i see something else online or on tv that will distract me and then yup - out the door goes any kind of routine ( and thats about how fast it happens LOL). I will be posting some creations over the week just to show i have been taking some time out for me and have been loving it, just being able to create again helps ease the pressure of the day, i forgot to mention that i have now gone to full time work with very early morning starts, i get to drive a forklift and unload trucks...YES i am now in a male dominated world hehehehe. The early's even though hard to get up for at times gives me an awesome amount of time to craft of an afternoon or night, looking forward to getting messy again :)