Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fav pics today 21/04/11

This is Miss Moo after 2 games of soccer on the weekend ..she was soooo tired that she fell asleep wrapped in a snuggly dressing gown ...aww too sweet!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fav pics today 20/04/11

Miss moo played well this weekend, a Loss for the mixed but a win for the girls team :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fav pics today 18/04/11

Little Noosh getting his eyes checked...all part of the fun for school holidays

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storyboard Kits "Jarvis"

2 more L/O's created using the Jarvis kit from Storyboard kits . i am also trying to use up old stash at the moment and have raided my letters draw, i found some rub-ons which i think goes nice with this kit using up old stash!

Fav pics today 17/04/11

Little Noosh helping dad and changing his first lot of tyres...he actually learnt alot and can tell you the right order to tighten and untighten the nuts ....well done little man, you are so your fathers son !

Fav pics today 16/04/11

My boys changing the tyres on the "Tonka Truck"

Fav pics today 15/04/11

When we were having all the rain and flooding in our area i managed to capture a shot of our cat Simba waiting for it to stop.

Storyboard Kits "Jarvis"

The start of the month is always great for me as i get a new kit from Storyboard kits. this months kit is called "Jarvis" and it is GORGEOUS!! Hre is my first L/O created using Jarvis.

Fav pics today 14/04/11

Trying out for district soccer team ..this is the second round of selection, we didnt go any further then this round ...thank goodness in a way as we would have been travelling all over the country side to play for the school. She did play well though.

Fav pics today 13/04/11

Heres my hubby playing his first ever soccer game at the grand old age of 36 ...go babe !

Fav pics today 12/04/11

Looks like even Z boy wanted to have a chat and cuddle.

Fav pics today 11/04/11

Whilst out the back the other day having an early morning chat i couldn't resist taking this pic ...gotta love morning hair !

Fav pics today 10/04/11

Crazy girls ....they all so beautiful and great friends

Fav pics today 09/04/11

After the girls got the house captains badges,they decided to do some funny shots for me LOL...Go charlies angels :)

Fav pics today 08/04/11

My 2 babes at school after Miss Moo got awarded House Captain for her House "Huntley"...well done baby!

Fav pics today 07/04/11

Sorry but to cute to resist ...last cutesy kitty shot..hehehe

Fav pics today 06/04/11

So tiny!!

Fav pics today 05/04/11

This is a new addition to my uncles house... he is so very cute they called him "Mew"

Fav pics today 04/04/11

I think this cheeky shot was taken by his sister when they were getting in the car.

Fav pics today 03/04/11

While Little Noosh played T-Ball Miss Moo played soft ball, the girls played awesome loosing just 1 game all day :)

Fav pics today 02/04/11

The school had sporting days and Little Noosh got to play his first game representing the school, he just loved having a go at T-ball

Fav pics today 01/04/11

Had a blinder of a first game ....keep up the great work baby !!

Fav pics today 31/03/11

Action shot !!

Fav pics today 30/03/11

Miss Moo's first mixed team game.... nice tackle babe

Fav pics today 29/03/11

Noosh loves having a girl on his team.

Fav pics today 28/03/11

Action shot from the first game comes a goal!

Fav pics today 27/03/11

Little Noosh's team warming up for their first game.

Fav pics today 26/03/11

Soccer season has begun and it seems the girls love the idea of a friends dog Roy being the mascot LOL

Fav pics today 25/03/11

Cheeky Monster ...Little Noosh at a Friends skating birthday party.

Fav pics today 24/03/11

A local park turned into a pond with all the rain.

Fav pics today 23/03/11

Water getting scooped out the back of the car after just making it across the flood waters.

Fav pics today 22/03/11

Close up of someones truck stuck in the middle of the flood waters.

Fav pics today 21/03/11

Here is a pic of the floods we had here, this is my hubby standing in knee high water looking up a main thoroughfare road section of this suburb was completely cut off for a couple of hours....we had so much rain!

Fav pics today 20/3/11

Cheeky!! LOL

Fav pics today 19/03/11

Miss Moo and her fav pet "golden compass" these 2.

Fav pics today 18/03/11

Bribery for these pics ....she got to wear my high heels ;;;;god love them wanting to grow up so soon XX

Fav pics today 17/03/11

Thought i would share some pics i took at home of my gorgeous Miss Moo....and i also have some very much needed blog catching up to do sorry guys you are going to see an influx of my daily fav pics ...