Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fav pics today 21/05/11

My Nippon Snappy Twin....its amazing to find someone who is very much like you and with Susan thats exactly what i found we both have very bizaar freakky querks LOL (my husband calls them something else hehehe)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fav pics today 20/05/11

These amazing girls came in the top 17 at the district school cross country girls ROCK!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fav pics today 19/05/11

More pics coming up this week of my little runner ....still very proud !!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charms Creations Sale

For all you crafty peeps out there check this out ....awesome lollipop flowers over at Charms Creations ..they are such great prices. I am sure you will love them as much as i do !!

Skull Appreciation day

Well for those of you who know me, I have a passion for skulls and all things gothic. So when I saw this I just had to post......Skull Appreciation Day
This website is trying to make June the 4th- Skull Appreciation Day :)

Fav pics today 18/05/11

My amazing daughter coming in in 2nd place at her district sports carnival...she is so inspiring to me you so much baby girl.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fav pics today 17/05/11

Here are some great shots of Little Noosh's B'day 2011

Fav pics today 16/05/11

My Bid Birthday Boy !!! Happy b'day handsome man, we love you and hope you have a fabulous day XX

Fav pics today 15/05/11

The night before the big #8 B' keeping with tradition i always take a photo of the kiddies sleeping the night before their B'day. Little Noosh is growing up to be a beautiful little person who just brightens our day every single day you to the moon and back !! XX

Fav pics today 14/05/11

My 2 fav boys you to bits !!

Fav pics today 13/05/11

My little pet shop lover ...Miss Moo just loves these little animals :)

Fav pics today 12/05/11

Crazy Girls .....these girls are all fabulous friends this was taken last year at the end of year school dance :)

Fav pics today 11/05/11

At 34 i became a great aunt ...This is our first meet with Little miss M:)

Fav pics today 10/05/11

Moomoo's first soccer team ...Girls under 11's - 2010

Fav pics today 09/05/11

Our first camping trip as a family Oct loved it !

Fav pics today 08/05/11

These were the funky design I had when I had them coated in Bio nails were real under that stuff,they were soooo long !!

Fav pics today 07/05/11

Twilight freaks...My beautiful SIL and me at the New Moon premier 2009...yeah going through the old pics LOL

Fav pics today 06/05/11

My 2 boys wheels .....the bike and the spotto car LOL

Fav pics today 05/05/11

2 of my favourite people you ma& pa XX

Fav pics today 04/53/11

Another cake we made last year :)

Fav pics today 03/05/11

Seems I will be uploading lots of soccer pics this season but we are training 3 days and playing for 2 soooo we have loads of pics, this game they mixed team lost 12 - 1 but Miss Moo scored the goal for their side ...was an awesome effort well done baby girl!

Fav pics today 02/05/11

This is how my son and hubby get the balls off the roof....OMG bad influence that hubby LOL

Fav pics today 01/05/11

I was very honored to be ask to make a friends step daughters 21st cake. She gave me free reins and said i trust what you will make. So this is the cake that i was able to make, it was the first time playing with black icing, i love how it turned was a bit rough in some spots, but hey i am still learning ...i loved it and so did they :)

Fav pics today 30/04/11

Just chillin !

Fav pics today 29/04/11

It's been such a big day LOL ..Little Noosh though he would take a rest :)

Fav pics today 28/04/11

The end of the jetty looking out over the lake :)

Fav pics today 27/04/11

A different angle on the Jetty :)

Fav pics today 26/04/11

The Jetty ...dont know why but i like this shot !!

Fav pics today 25/04/11

My handsome hubby ( on the right) taking poor Luke ( my nieces boyfriend) out for his first attempt at being behind the boat ........poor buggar they were trying to scare him hehehe ( Love you RB!!)

Fav pics today 24/04/11

All loaded up for the first run :)

Fav pics today 23/04/11

Here is the family set we had for Easter Sunday, we had a fabulous day just relaxing in the sun and the little and big kids in the boat water skiing ...more pics to come :)

Fav pics today 22/04/11

Normally i wouldnt upload this type of pic, but i just had to show you how crazy my cat is, he loves to get in the shower with my daughter, but this time he actually got in with my son..i couldnt resist this shot LOL