Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

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August a month of Leos..GRRRR

Happy Birthday Babe!!mwahXXXX

Hi All, hope end of financial year wasn't to stressful. And fingers crossed for real big fat tax returns ....yipppeee that would be nice!!! Although i would have to say mine is not as fat as i would like it. Not much happenin in this neck of the woods just plotting along, working lots in my fantabulous garden and spending time with the kiddies. So far back to school has been ok apart from Noosh deciding he would advise me for the last week of the holidays that he was not going back!!! :( aparently at 6 he doesn't need to do anymore and "IT'S BORING"!! ahhhhhh if only the life of a care free 6 yr old.

My gorgeous cousin Jess turned 18, we all had a great night, partying on , singing karoke ( yes and i don't need to be drunk!!). General just run amok crazy stuff that my family gets up too. Even my DS was singing Pink into the mic....yeah you go little rock God!!! Anyhoo that is muy update for the end of July. Hoping to get my hands on some party pics ..hehehe to upload here and show everyone. Have fun scrapping friends