Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Family Project

We decided, .....well i decided that we would join our local organic farm and try and turn our brown thumbs into green ones ( fingers crossed). We have 2, 1.2m x 10m gardens that we can grow our own vegies in. The little community is so beautiful and very very helpful, the kids are enjoying it too which is fantastic as i really would love to have them learn all about gardening, but not just garden the whole cycle of regrowing from what you have sewn yourself. So far DD is more into it then DS but he is just enjoying the mud too much to think about anything else .... i wish i would have gotten those photos!!! Anyhoo i have included some before and after shots of the patch.
The before shot

The after shot

Ciao Sam

L/Os for various Challenges

This was my L/O for the challenge i set over at Mystical Cyber crop, you had to use Fabric, buttons, stitching & 2 different lettering.

This L/O was for a blind scrap challenge over at scrapbook savvy

Another L/o for Scrapbook Savvy - it was a gorgeous Sketch that Lisa Warren done ...Too Fabulous!!

My first ever L/O for Scrap the Boys, I love this site as it is directed at boy L/Os and i struggle with these so hoping to get some great inspiration over there

Black Magic Sketch - There is 2 Fabulous sketches to challenge yourself with this month and a fantastic colour pallette.... Head on over for a quick looksy

Enchanted Cyber Crop

Come over for a vist at

OHHH Boy am i obsessed !!

Hi Ya'll, hope everyone has been great :0) We have had so much going on of late its been a struggle to get to my beloved Blog. So while i had a chance to get on puter i thought i would join a few more forums....welll....about 8-10.....ahuh i think i am obsessed LOL. i don't know when i will get time to look at them all but i a finding myself a system, there are some absolutely inspirational work on these forums i can't wait to get up there and be an active member. When i work out how to add all the links i will list them ( just adding that to the things i need to learn..list keeps growing). Ok I am off for now to check out the Fantastic Cyber Crop over at Enchanted Scrapbooks :) Stay Safe everyone

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"PINK" the rock Goddess

Pink is the awesomest!!!
This is me and my cousin Jessica at the Sydney "Pink" concert. We had sooooo much fun. Pink is super Fantastic and an absolute ROCK GODDESS!! The whole stage performance was spectacular, costumes wonderful and her acrobatics AMAZING!! WE LOVE YOU PINK!!!!!

Wednesday 10th June 2009

Hello to all my lovely friends in cyber world, thought I would pop over to upload some new L/Os. These l/Os feature Buzz n Bloom and they are on sale at Mystical for the month of June for a Massive 20% off, so if you need to stock up, head on over and grab your self a bargain.