Saturday, June 27, 2009

OHHH Boy am i obsessed !!

Hi Ya'll, hope everyone has been great :0) We have had so much going on of late its been a struggle to get to my beloved Blog. So while i had a chance to get on puter i thought i would join a few more forums....welll....about 8-10.....ahuh i think i am obsessed LOL. i don't know when i will get time to look at them all but i a finding myself a system, there are some absolutely inspirational work on these forums i can't wait to get up there and be an active member. When i work out how to add all the links i will list them ( just adding that to the things i need to learn..list keeps growing). Ok I am off for now to check out the Fantastic Cyber Crop over at Enchanted Scrapbooks :) Stay Safe everyone

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