Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday 27th May 2009

Hello to all my lovelys. The last week has been very busy. Just keepin up with kiddies and normal day to day routines. Although i did have Fri/Sat & Mon/Tues off, this gave me 5 days off so felt like a mini holiday.
Great news on the homefront today. My DH was offered a job today ...yipppeeeee!! He feels so good now, thank goodness i was starting to worry about him for awhile there. The kids have loved having him around more though, which is nice.
The month of May proves a little on the busy side for Birthdays. I haD my DS turn a big 6 this month. My Nephew turn a massive 11 and my Gorgeous MIL ..well we don't say as we are all ladies..LOL. Both boys had lovely birthday parties and My DH, my SIL and myself took the Gorgeous MIL out to lunch at a local seafood restaurant.....YUMMMO!!!! Was very nice!
On a more adult level my DH went away for the weekend leaving me to master up "What i could do" so Saturday night seen me have the girls over for 2 parties. 1st was a Tuppaware party that consisted on making cocktails. Hmmmm Margherita Fizz & Sangrias...really got the girls started for the 2nd party which had a more adult aspect ..IYKWIM. Well lets just say we had a hoot. You have never heard a room full of girls giggle constantly for 2 hours, my belly was starting to hurt. So a great week has been had all round. I am working on my Mystical stuff which i hope to have uplaoded for you all to peruse soon.
Cheers, hope you all have a good week
Sam xx


  1. Hi gorgeous girl, finally I found your blog, would have been here AGES ago if I had of know, just me being blonde again LOL. Sick of hearing that one yet? Great news about hubby, now you won't need to kick his but to the kerb LOL!!! Be back to visit again real soon sweet one, Tiff :o)

  2. Tiff you are too Gorgeous, can't wait to meet IRL.

    Mwah XX

  3. Congrats to your hubby for the job!!!
    It sounds like you had heaps of fun at your girls night. :) Always the way...

  4. Kr you willhave to come to Wollongong NSW for a can stay with me, if you don't mind 2 crazy little kids

  5. hey Sam! Welcome to blogdom!! It looks fab! I love your blog header.