Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 28th May 2009

Well I have had a busy day working very hard as usual..hehehehe, if you can believe that!! I had prep'd hubby that i was going to do a scrap class tonight at my LSS. It was a great double L/O class ( and yes Tiff you would be proud, i done one!) . The wonderful Lisa makes it look soooo easy, because she is FAB!! Thanx Lis :). i will upload my pic tomorrow if its nice and sunny. Talking of which it is very cold here in the Gong...Brrrrr. Even had my huggies on in class. Very fashionable !!I was a bit sad today as i missed my kiddies education week gig and walkathon ....but mummy must work ! My BFF was there to cheer them on..god i love her! Isn't it amazing how you meet someone in your life and they are the exact opposit to you in most things yet you create a life long bond! Well thats me and my BFF Vicki, we have been friends since we were 5. And our girls started school together, her DH is my DH BFF and our kiddies ( well her 2 last ones) are about 11 weeks apart...NOT planned that way as she was finishing at 2 and an unexpected gift popped along ( that she blames me for....lovingly of course). I would do anything for my BFF, she is one of the most amazingly inspiring people that i have ever met, an honest sole i am blessed to know.
i am hoping to get some great pics up soon of some new L/Os. I am expecting a new little stash to arrive from Mystical to play with...ohhh can't wait. Will try and get ack tomorrow to give another update.

Ciao my lovelys


  1. Hoping this works this time - I have visited before but can't see my comment anywhere.... did you delete it - lol (honestly I only wrote good stuff).
    Any way decided to stalk you and will add link on my blog so every time you update I'll be here.... boy are you going to be sick of me - lol

  2. OOOOhhhhh, I'm so glad you did a double and chuffed that you mentioned me in your blog, I got a real kick out of that when I read that, thanks sweetie xx.

  3. You're more than welcome Sam! Hope you can come along to the next class!