Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 what a year !!

Well, its nearly the end of another year, how fast did this one go !! WAY TOO FAST! lots of ups and downs but in all a very good year for us G's and things look to being on the brighter side. So in saying that i wish you all a very happy and safe new year! I look forward to2011 being a better year with lots more i plan on getting done ( starting with blogging on a regular basis!). See you in the new year MWAHHHHHXXXXXXXXX

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

\ \
Check out this awesome site i have found, full of INSPIRATION PLUS!!!!!

Here is one of my Fav cards from Kristy, this stampis way to cute !!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tiddly Inks

OMG check out this super cute site for digi stamps. The images are gorgeous and the there is even some beautiful little goth one ( my Fav)!

Card fun

Having a great time playing around making hand made cards at the would seem that my scrapping mojo has decided on a very long vacation ( sorry guys for no posts) i will try and get some cards uploaded on the weekend for you to peruse....i have also been doing a lot of web surfing and found some fantastis sites for cards and punch art. Creativity starting to make a come back just in a smaller form.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little bit of Whimsy

Check out these cute little treats, I am in love with ALL of the designs !!! I happen to see this on one of my Facebook friends updates and just fell in love with it, thought i would share with ya'll

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here is a link to a fabulous new scrapbook kit site that the wonderful Lisa Warren started. Pop over and visit, these kits are gorgeous and i know you will be back for more.
storyboard kits

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Punch Art

I have been searching and searching the Web for punch art designs and have discovered just how very clever some people are! They truly are very inspiring. I have found many new beautiful places to visit online that are full of wonderful projects. I hope to have some cards up soon to show you :)

Ciao Sam xx

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Here is a 1 of the cards that i taught at my very first teaching effort, it is the cutest little lamb and tree made from punches, I found this ;amb about 2 years ago online somewhere ( sorry cant remember where) and have loved using him ever since. I love using my punches and showing people an alternate way to use them, rather then just your standard shapes. I really enjoyed the class i hope everyone else did to. :)

Birthday Boy

My Handsome man turned a big 7. He was sooo very excited, we are still waiting on pics from the actual skirmish people once i get them i will upload some action shots, but here is a few for on his actual birthday 16Th May and the party which was a week later due to having prioir engagements.

Challenge Heaven

What a Blurrrrrrrrrr!!!

Well May has come and go with a massive Blurrr!. Where did that month go? May seems to be the busiest tim eof the year for us ....and yes busier then Xmas ! We have loads of birthdays and everyone seems to plan things in this month, maybe to get things out of the way before the real cold sets in. aaarrrghhhh crazy times. We had Little Noosh celebrate his 7th birthday in style with a party at Lazer Skirmish OMG if you havn't tried it ...then DO IT!!! it was sooo much fun. My hubby and I are thinking of organizing an adult pizza and skirmish party woohooo...bring it on i Say!.
May was an awesome turning point for me .....i finally took the plunge and taught my first card class, i had an absolute ball, the ladies and girls were beautiful, and made my first time a very memorable experience .... a big thank you guys XX. Well i am off to play with some paper CiaoXX

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a week

Well what a week, working, working , working, this week i feel like thats all i have done, fitting in an extra 11 hors into 3 days phhhheeeeewwwwww. My little man broke yet another pair of glasses ...yes that is 2 breakages in 2months hmmmNOT happy Jan!! at least they will replace under warranty again, starting to think the frame we have chosen is a bit faulty especially since both pairs broke in exactly the same spot but with different instances...GRRRRRR.
On a note of great news Miss Moo ran in her school cross country and came 2nd in her age group which was fantastic news, so proud! and to add to that great news was that my best friends daughter came first so we will be going to district togather to cheer on our girls woohoo. Here is my 2 Fav girls after their race.

Will be back later in the week with some pages to upload Ciao xx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whats been happening.

Last week i received an awesome delivery of Stampin Up products. Which was great timing cos my hubby was away for the weekend and i got to have a little play. My gorgeous SIL has finally made a decision on her wedding invites so i have now been very busy making these. My gorgeous children were great all weekend, we had fun playing soccer, games and having visitors come over. I really am a very lucky mum....they even got to sleep in bed with mum which is a nice treat when dad is away.We love to have a cuddle! Little Noosh even asked "Hey mum can you ask dad to sleep on the lounge so we can sleep in your bed again tonight" he then had a little chuckle as he waited for the answer ....TOO CUTE!!!
Hubby had a great weekend away which is very good cos he needed a little holiday, hes been working very hard. So was good to hear he had fun.
School holidays have been fun as they have let us all sleep in, stay in pj's to all hours of the day and lounge around like lizards...or play the Wii if you are my children. They have had ball spending time with grandparents too. Hope to go to the movies this week and maybe a visit to the park. Lets see how the weather holds out !!
Ciao XX

Some new work

These L/Os were created using Scribble Scrabble - Nan's Trunk papers.these papers were beautiful to work with, they had really lovely texture to them and are a great weighted paper. These are colours i don't normally work in but i had fun playing with them

Such a Soccer mum

This weekend saw the start of the soccer season,and let me just say I AM EXCITED!!! I love watching the kids play and now with my gorgeous daughter now playing its soccer Saturday and Sunday! woohoo! My handsome man scored 5 goals this week with his team winning 15-1 these little boys are really starting to play well together. There games actually look like games and not ball huddle. They are working well as a team and sharing the ball around to help each other score goals. This is there 4th year together for alot of them and you can really tell. Miss Moo has gone into the B side with alot of the girls in her team playing for the first year, they done really well for their first game, even though the score was no reflecton of it 20-0. They were playing a A grade team that were extremely good players. Our poor little goalie was really worked hard god love her! Looking forward to next weeks game :) Kick on XX

Friday, March 5, 2010

Couture Cardstock

Massive break

Hi Its been awhile!!! ( understatement!!) with no paper play......i took a much needed break. We had a few things going on towards the end of the year and i thought i would just stop everything and take a breather.....breath out haaaaaaa. LOL. Hopefully with a little more control back i can look at getting back into the swing of things. I have just completed my first L/O in months, hope to have it uploaded over the weekend. I have a play with some new Stampin Up punches sooooo cool !!! I have loads of new papers to use up as even tho i didn't scrap i still shopped! This year looks to hold new prospects and adventures and so far it has been fantastic, with my DD getting to district with swimming and coming 7th there ..Welll done Miss Moo! Little Noosh is also back at swimming and loving every bit of it, here we were not thinking he could swim and low and behold he CAN!!! 15mtrs by himself - cheeky little monkey. My man child is back on the road with another car and has settled down abit with the going crazy in the mud! He is working hard topay for his debt hehehehe. oh well thats it for the updates so far, hope to upload some new images over the weekend.
Ciao XX