Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Such a Soccer mum

This weekend saw the start of the soccer season,and let me just say I AM EXCITED!!! I love watching the kids play and now with my gorgeous daughter now playing its soccer Saturday and Sunday! woohoo! My handsome man scored 5 goals this week with his team winning 15-1 these little boys are really starting to play well together. There games actually look like games and not ball huddle. They are working well as a team and sharing the ball around to help each other score goals. This is there 4th year together for alot of them and you can really tell. Miss Moo has gone into the B side with alot of the girls in her team playing for the first year, they done really well for their first game, even though the score was no reflecton of it 20-0. They were playing a A grade team that were extremely good players. Our poor little goalie was really worked hard god love her! Looking forward to next weeks game :) Kick on XX

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