Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a Blurrrrrrrrrr!!!

Well May has come and go with a massive Blurrr!. Where did that month go? May seems to be the busiest tim eof the year for us ....and yes busier then Xmas ! We have loads of birthdays and everyone seems to plan things in this month, maybe to get things out of the way before the real cold sets in. aaarrrghhhh crazy times. We had Little Noosh celebrate his 7th birthday in style with a party at Lazer Skirmish OMG if you havn't tried it ...then DO IT!!! it was sooo much fun. My hubby and I are thinking of organizing an adult pizza and skirmish party woohooo...bring it on i Say!.
May was an awesome turning point for me .....i finally took the plunge and taught my first card class, i had an absolute ball, the ladies and girls were beautiful, and made my first time a very memorable experience .... a big thank you guys XX. Well i am off to play with some paper CiaoXX

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