Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Fav pic for 1/1/11

I am hoping that this year is full of great learning experiences....especially with my new camera, so i thought i might share a fav pic of mine that was taken over the last couple of days, actually i have a couple. The first is Miss Moo learning to cook...and yes she is reading instructions LOL, she done a great job and they tasted scrummy.
The next lot is my handsome hubby and little Noosh having some bonding time over Lego.....this car ( or buggy) has full suspension and they had to build the engine from scratch, it was a very big job, but it was sooo nice to see them having fun. I love watching my 2 beautiful kiddies learning , its amazing to see them flourish. It will be great to see how much the grow in 12 months...might have to revisit this post sametime next year to see :)

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  1. Nice Sam!!! cant wait to keep reading your adventures of 2011!! cheers Ney xoxo