Monday, January 3, 2011

Another project to share for 02/01/11

Well what another mysterious day today, started out sunny and then went dark and gloomy looking with a little thunder and rain. Tonight was good tho as it wasn't to hot.....thats how I like it!!! We had a great day today, starting with a sleep in and then some retail therapy ( for the kiddies). Was a bit of a slack mother today with a take away dinner...but thats ok I will make it up to them tomorrow with a baked diner...ohhh YUMMMMM I can taste it already.
I had a quick make today with a simple card using the colour scheme for scrapbook Savvys colour challenge Pink-Grey-Kraft wow what a fab colour mix. Tomorrow I will upload the L/O ( yes thats right I have done one ) unfortunately not photography to well in the darker sun it shall get tomorrow.
If you wou like to join in the fun click here

Here is my fav pic for today, it is of me and my cheeky son...he wanted me to put up the one where he snuck his finger in his nose ewwwwwwww, but mumma said "no way", he is such a character.

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