Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct long weekend 09

Well we are near the end of a lovely long weekend, which as always passes waaaaay to quickly. Although i feel like a zombie! My hubby is away and i don't tend too sleep to well when he is not here ( if at all on some nights). Thank god he is back tomorrow!! I look forward to a good nights sleep. Apart from that all enjoyable
We have been to the movies twice this weekend, we saw Aliens in the Attic first which is absolutely fantastic!! Definatelt reccomend. I think 4 /5 stars. And then we went and saw G Force 3D, this one was very cute and definately aimed more at the kids. i'd give this one 3 /5 stars. We also had a visit to mum & dads which the kids LOVE!! and a little spend up at one of the local shops. Tomorrow hopefully will be no more rain so kids can get out and play a little, they are starting to bounce off each other. Otherwise a good dose of playmaze might be in order to get rid of some of that excess energy they have built up. Anyhoo that is the Long weekend as we experienced it..hope yours was great too!

Cheers Sam XX


  1. I know how you feel about hubby being away. When Jeff first goes to work I can't sleep properly but then his first couple of nights home I can't sleep properly - go figure.
    Love the Christmas projects you are doing at Mystical. xx

  2. HI beautiful girl. Go to my blog and have a look - there is something there for YOU. xx