Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday 20th 2009

Wow we are already halfway throught the year, how fast has this year gone!! It seems to get faster and faster :( I have started my Xmas shopping, in actual fact i have completed over half ...Brag, brag! LOL. I have now finished my secondment at work and no longer work such long hours pheeeeww that was hard yakka. Back to enjoying time with my beautiful kiddies. They have been very good with all the extra work i have been doing. Miss Moo has also had her Birthday celebrations this month, turning double digits!!! OMG time flies. My beautiful baby girl is growing up. Little noosh ...welll what can i say but.... Ratbag !! LOL he constantly keeps me amused

Little Noosh doing what he does best ...Talking!! LOL

Miss Moo, pondering the idea of double digits..hmmm ohh to be turning 10 again !!

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